Daughter. Sister. Friend. Lover of all things Jesus. Unapologetic coffeeholic. Movie ticket collector. To Write Love On Her Arms advocate. Shower singer. And sort of rock climber.


I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I’m finishing a book. A really good book, one that I have loved and one that I couldn’t put down. But it’s almost over and that’s scary but it’s also exciting because I get to start a new one.
Ive realized that humans are a collection of stories in a book. A complete combination of all the things that have ever happened to them. I have stories, lots of them. Some that I will never forget and come back to me in vivid images, and others that are more foggy. I have pictures that point to a lot of them, but some of the greatest ones, the life changing ones were behind the scenes.
Like the stories about my childhood best friend, and being on Centennials basketball team. The one about getting braces, and about getting a dog. Theres the one about falling in love, and the one about the time I ripped all my pictures off the wall. The one about a friendship that was broken, and the one where it was mended. The one where i felt the most lonely and the one where I felt most loved. The one thats about why I fight for suicide prevention and the one about why I’m scared to leave Frisco.
There’s the happy ones, the dark ones, the funny ones, and the difficult ones. I hope that in exposing the stories that cameras couldn’t capture, that you would understand you are not alone in some of the things you have felt. We are all in this together, in this crazy thing we call life. And your stories are important. I hope this may inspire you to share your own.
So welcome to the stories that are better left said.



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