The One About Midnight


You’re watching the time count down and you’re thinking about how you want to change. How this year you’re finally going to make your dad proud, and how you’re going to commit to reading the Bible. You’re going to forgive and let go. You’re going to stop trying to be someone you are not. You’re finally going to be the person you needed when you were younger. Someone people can look up to. And this year, you are going to be the best you that you’ve ever been.
The clock strikes, but instead of feeling refreshed and new, you feel defeated and doubtful. Because is it really possible to change?
You begin to think about how easy it would be to tap out. To remain. To be stagnate and be comfortable in the familiar.
But truth is anyone can fail a class, and anyone can break rules, and disrespect people. The reality is that it is a lot harder to live above reproach. To walk in obedience, and to love others before yourself. To have good priorities, and to work hard.
So shed off the things that aren’t really you. You are not held by 2016 anymore.
Today, you get to embrace 365 new opportunities. Do not be afraid. I know it is going to be terrifying and there will be days where you will fall short, but you will still try. You will try your hardest. And you will not give up.
I hope in one year from today will be look back on your life and impress yourself and that you will understand that you are capable.
Repeat after me.
“Change is good. I can do this.”
This is your year.
This is your beginning.
This is your 2017.

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