The One About Why You Should Live



Little things that everyone loves:

  • The teacher using something you did as an example of a job well done
  • Being told that someone has been saying nice things about you when you aren’t around
  • Going to a concert and being able to sing the words to every song, feeling the music under your feet and in your bones
  • Watching your dog get excited about something
  • Slow dances
  • Looking through old pictures
  • Watching lightning
  • Christmas lights
  • The butterflies in your stomach when talking to your crush
  • The exhilarating gut feeling going down on a roller coaster
  • The laughter of your best friend
  • Warm clothes straight out of the dryer.
  • Having a full tank of gas.
  • Your favorite song coming on the radio right when you wish it would
  • Coming home to the smell of someone cooking dinner
  • Discovering a discount or sale AFTER the cashier rings you up.
  • Gaining the trust of a cat.
  • Finding the perfect ratio of cream and sugar in your coffee/tea.
  • Hugging your mom.
  • The color of sunset clouds.
  • Realizing that you’re loved, and you’ll make it.


So stay alive because there are so many more memories to be made and moments to be had.

The future is full.

Don’t give up.


The small things can outweigh the big bad ones.

Let them be powerful.



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