The One About #10

I heard a long time ago that found pennies are dropped down from Heaven by angels themselves. Every time they miss you or they know you are having a bad day, they place a penny directly in your path; hoping that it may catch your eye and make you smile for a moment. So when I’m wishing the days away, and begging for God to let you come back home, I start searching the ground praying a copper coin will find me and remind me that it’s ok.

It was just a year ago that you messaged me on Instagram. You had been following my feed about how I was hosting my first 5k for TWLOHA. You told me how proud you were of me, and how much you wished you could be a part of it. All I remember is telling you to hop on a plane and come home. Now, I wish you had listened.

I know your mom would’ve been so happy to see your ginger hair, and freckled kissed face again. She still talks about you all the time. It was probably the first year that it was hard for her to be thankful on the holidays.

A mother should never have to witness her daughter die at 21 years young.

I just wish you had a little more time.

Ally messed up her knee again, which really sucks. For yet another time, she gets to use the “cripple” excuse. Oh and Hannah just got a job as a Kindergarten teacher for this coming fall. I know y’all weren’t close but I’m sure you would have congratulated her. I can’t speak much about the other girls because all I know about them is what they put on Facebook. Charnae is about to deploy again, Cheyanne seems still has happy as can be living the married life, Makalee is engaged to Justin, and Vy has a new boyfriend. They seem completely and utterly perfect for each other.

It’s safe to say the team has been good, but really not the same.

I think we all are still trying to understand why you didn’t get to have monumental moments like these. Why you didn’t get the opportunity to graduate from Auburn and become the best Industrial Design major this world ever got the chance to admire? Or how horrible it is that there are so many people who weren’t fortunate enough to get to experience your smile or fall in love with your laugh?

I just keep thinking about how bright and beautiful your future was, and this makes no sense.

I can’t make it all make sense.

I don’t know if it ever will.

All I know is that we miss you. Your mom and dad, brother, the team, your classmates at Auburn and even from back at Cen10.

I miss you, Meghan. And today, all I find myself doing is searching the ground for pennies.


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