The One About My Last Day


Yesterday was the last day of my job at AlphaBest. About a year ago, I left my job at Palio’s because I heard that the elementary school by my house was looking for help. 20 hours a week, for ten dollars an hour was the perfect gig for a college student like myself. But nearing graduation, I knew that it wouldn’t be enough to pay the bills and I would have to move on to something else. I knew this day was coming, but Im still in shock thinking about how fast time closed in on me. Man, Im going to miss it.


To John, Shelly, and Jessica – watch out for my kiddies.

Lexi needs to do her homework. She can do it all in one day if she doesn’t distracted. Just have to remind her to stay focused.
Chavez and Flanner’s shoes will always be untied. Check them often.
Vaibhav will get worried when his parents don’t come on time…even if they are just a minute late. Tell him you will call his parents in 20 minutes..they will always show up before. But he will be comforted knowing that you’re on his team and that you hear him.
Reese will tell you all kinds of crazy weird facts about cheetahs. Just listen even if you don’t know what she is saying.
Stvon will errupt with anger when he feels like he is being picked on. Comfort him first and hear him out. Then address his actions, and tell him you will address the others too.
Hasini and Sanvi are the best of friends and will do everything together. Make sure if one of them is absent they don’t sit alone at snack time, and invite them over to your table.
Grayson and Carson are the same…until they are not. Normally their fights are who is “it” in tag. Play nose goes and it is instantly resolved. Dont let them mope about being excluded.
Emilee might need to change into her soccer clothes. Give her a time limit or she takes 5 years.
Connor will get upset about things that are out of your control. Counting to ten normally calms him down, then present him with options to choose from. He will like feeling in control of the situation.
Kids will always tattle on Lola. Sometimes it is serious, but most of the time it is a misunderstanding. Remind her to be nice and to think of others.
You will have to read word problems to Tristan. And when he writes numbers backwards, make him correct it.
Hug Ty everyday. He needs the extra love.
Oh, and let them all have 3 stickers on their birthday just to make them feel special.
Lastly, remind them all how much I am going to miss their weird mannerisms, funny stories, and especially their hugs.
Please make sure they know that they count. That every word that comes from their lungs is important. Help them to know that they shouldn’t give up and that there is always someone in their corner ready to fight for them.
Everyday, just love them big, and love them loud. You are their new constant, and never forget how important that is.

Today I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath and start a new chapter of my life. And though I am on the next page of my journey, I am still in the same book and I know these little munchkins and sweet coworkers will appear in my story again soon.
It’s always hard to feel like you are leaving behind something precious, something that makes you happy. My heart aches knowing I won’t be seeing them all as often anymore.
But, I cling to the fact that every memory we made is stored forever in my heart, and the laughs, smiles, and craziness of our times together will always be close.
Today is day one, and I am already missing you AlphaBest.
I already know I going to miss you forever. I should’ve known you werent going to make this easy.
Stay close. Stay gold.
I’ll see you later.

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