The One About Brittany


Do you ever just meet someone so amazing that you whole heartedly feel bad for anyone who hasn’t met them yet? That’s how I feel about Brittany.

We were two unlikely friends who finally opened our eyes to each other freshman year of high school. I was this lonely punk, and she was everything I wasn’t. She had lots of friends, cute style, and this preppy personality. She was lively and radiant, and being her friend came easy.

We did crazy things together. We got caught by the cops tping. We filled out extremely long Facebook quizzes, that I hope nobody read. We crashed Chuck E Cheese. And we dated boys hundreds of miles from outside our home town. I don’t regret them for a single second.

But the craziest was all the pinky promises we shared. Some were dumb and some were serious.
We used to pinky promise that we would always be near. That one day we would be each other maids of honors, and give this incredible toast at the reception about how we were the perfect pair, Sherlock and Watson. We would become neighbors and have kids who would grow up to become best friends too. It would be her and me, us, together, for as long as we could envision.
We pinky promised that no one would ever come between us. No stupid boy or insignificant fight would distract us from the fact that we were best friends. We were each others persons, and we needed each other like we needed air. When one of us would be having a bad night, the other would stay up all night on the other side of the phone, listening patiently and giving the best advice possible in a hushed tone. When one of us felt lonely or forgotten by the world, the other would take her on an adventure and show her that she is the sun, and the very world is hers. When one of us was sad, we would write compliments in each others notebooks to find and be surprised with later.
I hope she didn’t scribble them out because despite what I said, or what she did, I still mean every single word.
We lost each other there for a while, but as we did in the beginning, we somehow managed to open our eyes and find each other once again.
Honestly, this is the single hardest, funniest, greatest, most challenging, realist friendship I have ever gotten to be apart of. We became two individual, completely different people that walked through a lot of the same stuff. We became separate molds of each other, and I can without a doubt say that she should take all the credit for making me humble, and joyful, because that was never of me until I met her.
A couple years ago, she pursued her dream and moved down by Houston and I stayed put in my familiar Frisco hoping my dream would find me here. We’ve met new people, and are apart of different things. But we are both happy and well.
We used to pinky promise a lot of things when we were young, which will probably never happen, but when I promised to never hate her.
I meant it.
When I promised I would always be there for her.
I meant it.
When I said that I loved her more than there were stars in the sky and people to count them.
I meant it.
She was and is my absolute best friend, and I will never ever regret calling her that. I hope one day you might get a chance to meet her, because in doing so, it completely changed my life.

I love you, Brittany Joy. Happy 22nd!

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