The One About Christmas


For as long as I can remember, we have spent every Christmas in Colorado, with blankets of white covering the green grass, with fire crackling in the living room, and with family laughing together as presents were exchanged.

It’s a long 14 hour from our home in Frisco, TX to my grandparents house in Longmont, CO. But its totally worth it. When we get there we are instantly welcomed with sweet hugs and soft kisses. We melt into the sofa to relax after a long day of travel and exchange conversation with those we haven’t seen for awhile. The anticipation of Christmas is just around the corner.

As the days pass, Christmas Eve approaches and we celebrate at my Grandparents for dinner. Normally lasagna and followed with vanilla ice-cream. After our stomachs are filled, each of us find our spots in the living room and began sorting the presents by name. This used to be the day we would dress up like the sweet nativity, and act out the birth of our savior, but now we just read it from Luke and reflect on the grandness of the story.

Christmas day, we wake up to stockings filled with simple presents, from none other than Santa himself…yes, even still. Then have a luncheon at a familiar place in the town that holds all of us, Orrells. The air smells of ham, and fresh baked cookies, and the tables are lightly decorated with Christmas articles. The windows are bare and the light from the snow makes the room bright, and the sound of giggles, and chatter floods the area.

We’ve done the same thing for many years. This is my idea of Christmas, and though it may be different then yours I hope one very simple thing is the same. I hope today you feel wonder.

Because this time of year is just filled with miracles. Big and small. It is a miracle that you made it here after all your travels. It is a miracle if you have enough food on your plate to eat. It is a miracle if you get to spend your days doing what you love with who you love. It is a miracle if you have a family who doesn’t quit on you, and it is a miracle that our Savior stepped down from the right hand of the Father so that one day we may enter the kingdom.

I hope today you will tell stories of all the miracles in your life. To think of the ones that are big, and also the ones that are small, and to be grateful for them and to hold tight to them. Miracles happen every day.  I hope your Christmas is as much of a reminder to you that it is to me.

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