The One About My Childhood Best Friend


Ms. Hannah Jane Weber. It wasn’t until I found her that I truly understood friendship. I had been at Curtsinger Elementary for about a year when she entered my fourth grade classroom, with Mrs. Boring as our teacher. (Legit, her name was Mrs. Boring.) She was this tan, strawberry blonde, country girl from Kansas who used to show horses, but now she lived just across the golf course from me and sat at a table with Travis, Nick and I.  It was as if God himself designed our paths to cross.

Literally from 4th grade to high school, we grew to be each others counselors, secret keepers, classmates, and sisters. Most of our time was consumed with learning the lyrics to Hairspray and the stupid dance moves to Napolean Dynamite. We caught geckos in her house, and made cookies with way too much salt in them. We were a packaged deal every where we went, and I had the best of time getting to share my world with her and getting to experience hers in return. It was so easy to be her friend.

Easy until the world began to shift around us. Soon, we were in different classes, and had different lunch schedules. We were around different people with different priorities. And as the clocked clicked down to graduation we grew  separateltly…but not apart.

You see the thing about old friends is not that they love you but more that they know you. Don’t get me wrong, I know we both have a bond that will never be broken but I still ache for her friendship because I know that she knew me more than anyone else. Before all the brokenness. Before any of my success. She knew me, in the purest form. And she still does know me. My name has stopped being paired with hers and we stopped being present for each others monumental events, but she would notice if I fell short of my character, or if I failed to live up to the dreams of our future that we pictured. Though we are not vibrant in each others lives, I know that we are an important piece to each other. And if I ever needed direction, encouragement or advice, she would be there cause I can still count on her. Every time. All the time. Because she sees me and knows me.

Friendship, like all things in life, comes in cycles. People come and they go. But if you get lucky, you’ll find a friend that becomes family. And they will help build you from the ground up and shape you into the very person you want to become. They will give you soveniers of memories, and tokens of happiness. And when you get older you will proudly tell your own kids about watching those horrible musicals, and making those terrible cookies.

There will be few people in your life that are in it for the long run. Some will disappear in an instant and others will be a slow fade. But then there will be some who wont let you run the race of life alone. I will constantly be thankful for the kindness, and grace Hannah blessed my life with. Just when I thought there was no such thing as forever, she proved me wrong.

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