The One About My Safe Place



I think everyone needs a safe place. A place to run. A place to think. For awhile that place was my bedroom, but I have found another escape. One that has a perfect view of the sun setting behind buildings. Where it’s quiet and comfortable. Where the clouds and the stars seem close enough to whisper to. I never thought the top of a parking garage would become my oasis, but it did.

I didnt wan’t to keep it for myself so I shared it with others. We’ve retreated there a couple times, my friends and I. The first time we sat on the edge and admired the colors of the scene. We talked about where we saw ourselves in 5 years. Who we wanted to be and how we were going to get there. We contemplated the scariness of life and the scariness of death, and how moments were fleeting. How we had all moved on but were still fastened together. We discussed our dream jobs and our dream weddings. We didn’t hestitate to expose our hearts. And after a couple hours of imagination and observation, we turned on the radio of the van, and perfectly enough the next song on was “Stay” by Flordia Georgia Line. We all smiled with excitement then together we danced out our fears and our worries on the concerete of that garage. We twirled and screamed the lyrics, “And all I want is to tell you I love you and make you wanna stay.”I felt that ingrained in me that night, as we lifted our arms in the air and danced around each other with the stars as our spotlight. Those two people meant it, and I hope they know that I did too. That for the rest of my life I would do everything in my power to make sure they knew how much I loved them. That I was going to be here for them. That things were going to get complicated but I would be a constant. I would stay. Even if space separated us, and even if our desires pulled us other places, we would always remain.

It was then I realized that my safe place wasn’t a place at all. It was people. People who were silly and loyal and who would undoubtably help me conquer the world. The view of the setting sun didn’t stand a chance against their beauty, and that garage would never hold the sancuarty or security that I found so easily in them. They were my refuge, my retreat, my home.

Every time I return to that place, I remember the laughs, the stories, the aspirations, the anxieties. But most of all I remember the friendship I found there and the committment I found there. And that staying wasnt about physical presence but rather continuing to endure despite situations.

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